Our life stories are held in our bodies and the expressive arts provide a process to explore and transform those stories through creative expression – this may be through image, symbol, word (spoken or written), movement, action/gesture, dance, sounding. It is a therapeutic approach that works holistically recognising the important connection of mind, body and spirit.

Arts therapy provides a profound way to express and explore thoughts, feelings and concerns that are sometimes too hard to put into words. It provides a process whereby people can access their own inner creativity to re-envision their lives and practise new ways of being.
By engaging the senses and imagination the expressive arts can bypass the rigid and overly rational mind to enable individuals to explore and discover their own innate creative intelligence for growth and healing.

Clients are enabled to communicate in novel ways that best help to release emotional and psychological pain that the body is holding. In that respect it is an active therapeutic process that honours and empowers a client to access their own capacity for recovery so that they can move forward in a more colourful and purposeful way.

As a therapist, my approach is genuine, non-judging, warm, empathetic, and playful. I create a safe and supportive space so individuals/families feel free to share their concerns, ask questions, and feel part of the process. The first session is an opportunity to get to know each other and to ascertain whether expressive arts therapy is appropriate for you/your child. It is important to see if we are going to be able to work together as the relationship that we build between us is the most important part of the process. We will discuss the desired results that you are hoping for, and whether this will be achieved through individual or family therapy. My strength as a therapist is being able to sit with and honour the process of grief, I can listen deeply and compassionately and I also believe in the healing power of laughter!


Using expressive arts to enhance and deepen verbal psychotherapy is a natural evolution. More and more we are coming to understand the need to engage in processes that integrate all aspects of self: the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Simply put, we cannot integrate all aspects of self without involving all aspects of self. (Natalie Rogers)


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All work with my clients is confidential within the bounds of professional supervision.

I adhere to the Code of Ethics of my professional body ANZATA.

The standard fee is $100 per hour. For those on low incomes or benefits the fee is reduced to $90 and your Doctor can apply to WINZ to subsidise up to $60 a session.

Please follow the WINZ link below to see if you qualify for a subsidy, for the steps to take if you do and application forms for you and your Doctor.


Feel free to contact me by email or phone

Angie Richardson

Expressive Arts Therapist/Creativity Coach/Marriage Celebrant 

(ATCL, Dip Tchng, BEd, MAAT (Clinical), AThR)

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