• Therapy for children/teens/adults either individually or in family groups

• Creativity coaching for teens/adults

• Supervision for individuals/groups working in the area of arts therapy

• Facilitating arts groups for Service Providers

• All work with my clients is confidential within the bounds of professional supervision. I adhere to the Code of Ethics of my professional body ANZATA.

• And as a registered marriage celebrant I am able to conduct marriage and civil union ceremonies.


There is a sacredness and divine power that emerges when women come together to share creative expression

Would you like to have a gathering for your woman friends and do something fun and meaningful together? How about an Expressive Arts Event? You provide the space and the food and I will facilitate a time of being together creating and expressing yourselves based around a theme of your choice. 

Ideas of Themes for your Expressive Arts Event:

• Daring to Dream

• Flying In Divine Freedom

• Honouring the Goddess Within

• Creating a New Vision

• Stepping Forth In Boldness

• Yay! Middle Age! Time to Reinvent Myself!

• Rediscovering my Playful Creative Self

• The Heroines Journey

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