There are times in our lives when life circumstances or personal issues can feel overwhelming. Some of these include:

• Familial difficulties
• Separation/Divorce
• Grief and loss
• Life transitions
• Stress/anxiety
• Depression
• Chronic illness/injury
• Special Needs
• Death/suicide
• Bullying/challenging behaviours
• Low self-esteem and confidence
• Inertia/feeling stuck/life boredom
• Loneliness
• Loss of playfulness and ability to have fun

Working with a professionally trained Expressive Arts Therapist can help you or your child:

• Clarify issues
• Alleviate distress
• Empower and strengthen sense of self
• Release feelings and emotions
• Resolve conflict
• Develop new coping strategies
• Heal from old wounds
• Build resilience
• Develop self-expression and creativity
• Become authentically present
• Discover spontaneous and playful aspects of yourself
• Improve communication skills, creative problem solving             and emotional literacy
• Increase confidence and self esteem
• Improve social relationships and relating
• Give space for self-discovery, dreaming and setting goals

Please note while the expressive arts are an intrinsic part of the way I work- alongside talk therapy- I consider the relationship between a client and myself to be of the utmost importance. For there to be therapeutic value to the work you/your child must feel safe, contained and that you are being understood and accepted without judgement for who you/they are.

All work with my clients is confidential within the bounds of professional supervision.
I adhere to the Code of Ethics of my professional body ANZATA.
The standard fee is $100 per hour. For those on low incomes or benefits the fee is reduced to $90 and your Doctor can apply to WINZ to subsidise up to $60 a session.

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